Rules of the game

   Diamonds = 9
   Hearts = 10
   Spades = 11
   Clubs = 12


Base value for a Grand is 24

Null game

23 for a simple Null game
35 for a Null Hand game
46 for a Null Ouvert game
59 for a Null Ouvert Hand

High cards (German: Spitzen)

Spitzen are not played. Schneider and Schwarz can of course be declared in the grand and the suit game


A "Ramsch" is played if all players declare an out at 18.


A "Contra" can be declared just before the first trick is played. "Re" (doubling the stakes) must be declared immediately.

Rounds of "Bock" and "Ramsch"

In case of more than 100 negative points or one "Kontra-Re" game or a 60-60 point game, three rounds of "Bock" and three rounds of "Ramsch" are played. During the "Ramsch" round, any number of Grand hands can be played. The "Bock-Ramsch" round is over after the third "Ramsch".

Leaving the table

If a player for whatever reasons leaves the table during a game

DSkV rules (German Skat Association)

Differences of the DSkV rules


Differences to the DSkV rules

When the table is set up, each player pays his wager (2.50-10 ℂ). The player with the highest number of points is the winner, and receives the entire wager. If two players have an equal number of points at the end of the game, the amount is split equally. The wager is also split between the remaining players if one of the players leaves the table before the game is over.

The player must give 0.50-1 ℂ to the bank for every lost game.

Prize games offered by EdenCity are solely skill games, as they are decided primarily affected by the mental or physical skills of participants.

By participating in the prize game or tournament the player also irrevocably assigns Edencity to deduct the amount specified at the start of the game and any fees from the player account and to deduct the fees, and to disburse winnings to the respective player(s), or to accept the net profit from the player(s), respectively, and credit it to the player account. The bid is due upon participating in a prize game or tournament, respectively. The bid amount varies and is indicated to the member prior to participating in a prize game or tournament, respectively. The bid is deducted from the member account at the start of the prize game or tournament. If no credit is available or in the case of insufficient funds, the member will be unable to participate in prize games or tournaments.

The respective starting bid is credited to the winner minus the fees indicated in the program, in the event of a draw it is split between the winners.

If a player quits before the end of the game or is irreversibly disconnected due to technical problems his/her bid is split between the other players. The player is further charged a fine of 1 ℂ for disrupting the game.

Back postings or claims for damages excluded. Prize winnings are not paid out but are credited for use in the various program offered by Edencity.

Tournament Skat

The number of participants is unlimited

36 games are played by the rules of the international Skatordnung (ISkO).

The so called "Abreizgeld" - an additional entry fee - for the first to third lost game is 0.50 ℂ, and from the fourth lost game on, 1 ℂ.

Sundays at 10pm, a jackpot tournament is played, in which the jackpot is distributed as a percentage to the tournament winner and other prize winners.

Furthermore, a so-called "2,000 jackpot" is in play. He who finishes the tournament with at least 2,000 points, wins it.


0.005, 0.01 or 0.02 ℂ are charged per point and charged immediately after the game. The bank retains 5% of the turnover.

The maximum win which you can achieve independent of the value of the game is 10 ℂ (20 or 40 ℂ) as the declarer, and 5 ℂ (10 or 20 ℂ) as the opponent.

The maximum loss during a game is therefore 10, 20, or 40 ℂ. These are also the amounts you must have in your account.

Should a player drop out before the end of the round, the following rules apply:


With the donation button, you can give the opposing team the remaining cards. As a declarer, you can always autonomously donate. Partners must agree to donate.


As a declarer, you may show your cars to your opponents and thereby ask them to donate.

Should one more trick be played in the opponents favor, all tricks since the cards were shown will be counted towards the opponent.

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